Underdog Autopsy (underdogautopsy) wrote,
Underdog Autopsy

The Handsome Family: Twilight (2001, Carrot Top Records)

01) The Snow White Dinner [43]
02) Passenger Pigeons [84] (click to download)
03) A Dark Eye [63]
04) There Is a Sound [26]
05) All the TVs in Town [49]
06) Gravity [53]
07) Cold, Cold, Cold [67]
08) No One Fell Asleep Alone [59]
09) I Know You Are There [53]
10) Birds You Cannot See [47]
11) The White Dogs [76] (click to download)
12) So Long [58]
13) Peace in the Valley Once Again [52]

Total Rating: 57 (but am keeping anyway... it's a nice & fun album to own)

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