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Snow Patrol, When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up (2006, Jeepster Recordings)

01) Never Gonna Fall in Love Again [44]
02) Ask Me How I Am [49]
03) Making Enemies [56]
04) Black and Blue [74]
05) Last Ever Lone Gunman [38]
06) If I'd Found the Right Words to Say [64]
07) Batten Down the Hatch [48]
08) One Night is Not Enough [55]
09) Chased By... I Don't Know What [52]
10) On/Off [54]
11) An Olive Grove Facing the Sea [76] (click to download)
12) When It's All Over We Stil Have to Clear Up [61]
13) Make Love to Me Forever [47]
14) Firelight [60]
15) In Command of Cars [58]
16) Talk to the Trees [37]
17) Monkey Mobe [59]
18) Workwear Shop [84] (click to download)

Total Rating: 55

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