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     Here's the lowdown.

     I don't know whether any of you who read this do online downloads of music. Which is to say, legitimate downloads. I've downloaded plenty (maaaaany) records for free using torrents and Soulseek (especially 2005-2007), but I've also bought some MP3s from iTunes, Amazon, and other sites, so don't think I'm preaching.

     There's a new indie alternative to buying your downloads from the iTunes, mp3.coms, and Amazons of the world. In fact, even if you don't live in North Carolina and get the opportunity to visit the record shop at which I work, you can help support us.

     As of May 1st, meet THINK INDIE, a new MP3 download website with 320kb MP3s, indie exclusives, and even free downloads.

     Here's all I'm asking:

    1) Go to Think Indie via Plan 9 Music.
    2) Sign up for your free account to Think Indie, simultaneously attaching your account to my store.
    3) Bookmark ThinkIndie so that you remember it any time you need an MP3 download, whether you're buying only one song or an entire album.
    4) Smile thinking that each download you purchase, you're helping: A) indie stores in general, B) Plan 9 Music, the company for which I work, and C) helping Jonathan to keep a job he loves!

     Soon all my music praisings will be linked to available downloads from this website. Maybe I'll even finally turn this LJ into a music blog like I've dreamed?

     In the meantime, if you'd just sign up (for free) to their website using the link above... really, it'd warm my heart.

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